cover The new French edition of the IPO Brochure “Pasta for All”: "Des Pâtes pour Tous - Pour le Goût, pour la Santé, pour la Praticité" is now available.

As you may remember the English edition was officially presented during the World Pasta Day 2011 Conference "Pasta, a Global challenge" held in Rome on October 25, 2011.

During the 4th World Pasta Congress in Rio, on October 2010, IPO and Oldways organized a conference with scientist from 13 countries. The result was a new Scientific Consensus Statement, the first since 2004.

This scientific consensus statement is outlined in the brochure, that summarizes the scientific evidence supporting the health and economic benefits of pasta along with pasta recipes from around the world. In addition, the publication presents the International Pasta Organisation and the World Pasta Day.

The French edition has been published in collaboration with Oldways and the French Pasta Association (Syndicat des Industriels Fabricants de Pâtes Alimentaires de France (SIFPAF).

"Pasta For All" is currently available in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as well, and might be translated in other languages with the co-operation of IPO Members, for its greater diffusion and for national communication activities. 




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