Programma World Pasta Day 2006

25 Ottobre 2006

International Scientific Colloquium

Scientific literature concludes that traditional diets like the  
Mediterranean Diet and the Latin American Diet are the “gold standard”  
of healthy eating patterns.  
The following presentations in this
International Scientific Colloquium -- celebrating World Pasta Day --  
confirm that these diets are indeed the gold standard for healthy  
eating patterns and that pasta, with its partners on the plate, is  
the HEART of a healthy meal.

Welcome and Introduction
K. Dun Gifford, JD, President, Oldways (USA)
Simon Nobile Olivo, President, International Pasta Organisation (Venezuela)
Ferdinando Romano, MS, President, INRAN (Italy)
New Scientific Evidence:  Healthfulness of the Mediterranean Diet
Antonia Trichopoulou, MD, University of Athens (Greece)

Giancarlo Logroscino, MD, Harvard School of Public Health (USA)

Pasta's Place at the HEART of Traditional, Healthy Eating Patterns

Carlo Cannella, PhD, University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Italy)

Christine Pelkman, PhD, University of Buffalo (USA)
Denis Lairon, PhD, UMR INSERM 476/INRA 1260, University of Marseille (France)
Sara Baer-Sinnot, Oldways (USA)
Consumers, Pasta Meals and Traditional Diets:  Communicating the Message
  Dun Gifford, JD, Oldways (USA)
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