These aims will be achieved in the following ways:

  1. The General Assembly sets the overall priorities, policies, aims and
    objectives for the following year.
  2. The Board is responsible for monitoring progress in achieving the aims
    and objectives for the year and will report to the General Assembly each
    year on whether those aims and objectives have been met.
  3. The Board elects the President and the Secretary General to carry out the
    Mission and Objectives of the IPO.
  4. The appointment of the Chairman is for a two year term. Re-election is
    possible but not consecutively.
  5. The appointment of the Secretary General is for a four year term with the
    possibility of re-election.
  6. The Board will devise effective ways of involving members in the work of
    the IPO setting up Task Forces and Committees as are needed to carry
    forward the activity of the IPO.
  7. The Secretariat General will be responsible for ensuring that information
    about the discussions in and decisions taken by the Board and by the
    Task Forces and Committees are followed through and disseminated to all
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