Scientific Consensus Conference - Programme and Presentations

Click here to download the Scientific Consensus Conference Program (4.4M PDF), including scientists’ bios and abstracts, scientific references, culinary references, and sponsor/supporter acknowledgements.

Access the scientists’ presentations by clicking on each one, below:

Introduction to the Conference
(download 656K PDF)
Sara Baer-Sinnott, Oldways, Boston, USA
Background and context for the healthy pasta meal and this conference

Pasta: A High-Quality Carbohydrate Food 
(download 1M PDF)
Cyril Kendall, PhD, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
How low-glycemic foods like pasta improve metabolic control

Obesity is Not About Carbohydrates
(download 1.3M PDF)
Kathy McManus, MS, RD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA
A 2-year weight trial shows similar results with varying macronutrient ratios

Low-Carb Diets May Not Be Safe
(download 1.1M PDF)
Pietro Antonio Migliaccio, MD, Societa Italiana di Scienze dell’Alimentazione (Rome, Italy)
Comparison of health benefits of the Med Diet and impact of low-carb diets

Importance of Total Diet, and Pasta’s Role in a Healthy Total Diet
(download 1.6M PDF)
Jaime Rozowski, PhD, Catholic Univ. of Chile, Santiago, Chile
How total diet, especially the Med Diet, helps prevent chronic disease

Pasta’s Role in Encouraging Consumption of Other Healthy Foods
(download 1.93M PDF)
Emilce Ulate, MSc, University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica
The positive role pasta can play in achieving diet balance and variety

The Quality of Diet and Food Security in Colombia
(download 452K PDF)   
Oscar Fernando Herrán Falla, ND, MSc, Industrial University of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia
How pasta and other healthy foods can improve health at all economic levels

Dietary Guidelines for Carbohydrates in Mexico
(download 208K PDF)
Hector Bourges, MD, PhD, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, Mexico City, Mexico
How social, cultural, and biological factors impact eating behavior

Dietary Guidelines for Carbohydrates: the European Perspective
(download 484K PDF)
Nuno Borges, PhD, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
EFSA 2010 guidelines for carbohydrates, and the role of pasta

Guidelines for Carbohydrate Consumption in Turkey
(download 3.3M PDF)
Gulden Pekcan, PhD, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
Translating guidelines to food and diet, in Turkey and with the WHO

Pasta’s Contribution to Reducing Obesity
(download 2.2M PDF)
Marta Garaulet Aza, PhD, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain
A balanced diet, including quality carbohydrates, aids long-term weight loss

Pasta’s Contribution to Reducing Malnutrition
(download 600K PDF)
Sergio Britos, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Simple pasta meals as an affordable, nutritious food to reduce malnutrition

Pasta: Affordable, Healthy Eating Worldwide
(download 348K PDF)
Cynthia Harriman, Oldways, Boston, USA
Costs of pasta meals in 13 countries; overall affordability of healthy diets

Thanks also to these additional scientists and nutrition communicators who made oral presentations (no PDFs) and/or contributed to our consensus discussions:

Rosamaria Da Re, PhD, Mauá Technology Institute, São Paulo, Brazil
Vanderli Marchiori, Nutritionist, São Paulo, Brazil
Christian Millman, Taste of Home, Wisconsin, USA
Kyle Potvin, Oldways, Boston, USA
Maria Teresa Strumendo, MD, Societa Italiana di Scienze dell’Alimentazione (Rome, Italy)
Nidia Solbeyh Vargas,, Caracas, Venezuela

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